Monday, December 12, 2011

What A Week!

So a lot of crazy stuff happened this week. This whole last week I didn’t knock a single door, and I’m gonna explain why.

So Monday was our p-day, and Tuesday was our mission Christmas activity, which took all day. Wednesday we had zone class and other meetings, and then Thursday changed a lot of stuff.

Every time we have to pick up lunch and bring it back to our apartment, since there are 4 of us, we flip a coin to see who has to do it. Me and my companion lost, so we went to go get it. On the way over we walked by these guys that always yell crap at us and tell us to give them our money, and we just kept walking, because they always leave us alone once we get past them. But that day one of them decided to come follow us and he had what looked like a knife. He kept following us and yelling that he was gonna kill us and our families, he looked really evil too. So we kept walking away but he kept coming after us. When he got really close to us we told him that we would call the cops if he didn’t leave us alone, and he said do it, he said he would kill them too. But once we called them he ran off back to some park.

When the cops showed up we told them what happened, and we got in their car with them to go find the guy. We found him and his buddies in the park and we stayed in the car while the cops talked to them. Since he didn’t have the knife on him at the time, the cops couldn’t do anything, but the one guy saw us in the car and when he started walking away he turned around and mouthed something about killing us the next time he saw us.

After that the cops drove us back to our apartment. After we told President Laycock about what happened he ordered me and my companion out of the sector (ward) until change meeting, which was today. We went back Saturday night to pack, but that was about it.

 All 4 of us thought that we would for sure be staying in Los Presidentes for one more change for Christmas, but President didn’t feel safe with us being there after that, and I didn’t either. So today I got changed all the way to the farthest south stake in our mission. I’m in the Cordillera stake, Cordillera ward, and my new companion is Elder Briscoe. According to him, we have almost 200 people show up to church every week, which is more than twice as big as my old ward. My old companion Elder Buorgeous went to the middle of the mission to train a new elder, and the same with Elder Hilburn.

And yea that was my week.

Also I live in a house now, instead of an apartment.

I love you all,
Elder Allison