Tuesday, April 10, 2012

It's a record for the longest letter yet!!!

Hey there!,

Sorry that was so short last week, i was tired and me and my companion just wanted to sleep. This week was pretty fun. So Sunday was my companion’s birthday so we had a surprise party for him at a member’s house, and we made peach cobbler, which was really good.  

Yesterday we went to this place called Santa Lucia. It’s this old castle type place in the center of the city up on a hill; it has a cool view of the city. And afterwards we went to this tie shop up in the north part of the city. If you buy 24 or more ties then they have this deal where the ties cost about $1.20 each. So i got 18 ties for about 22 bucks. They are all brightly colored ones; i now have almost 40 ties. My companion has more than 50. 

Right now we are not really teaching many investigators, we have 2 but one has problems with the word of wisdom, and the other needs to get married. We are working with quite a few less actives right now. I wasn’t able to write my letter yesterday because we didn’t get back to our house until almost 6, and at 7 on p-day we have to go out and work. 

We have changes this Sunday so we are a little anxious for that, i think I’m gonna stay here in this sector but we will see. We found a house in our sector that we might be able to rent, we are gonna call about it today. It will be real nice if we can get it cause then we won’t have to walk so far in order to get to our sector.

Oh and with Elder Bednars talk, i liked how it was kinda a wakeup call to all priesthood holders to complete their responsibilities better. As a missionary, when they don’t do simple stuff like hometeaching, I’ve seen the results, and sometimes it’s not good. Almost nobody hear does their hometeaching, so we pretty much do most of it ourselves by going around and visiting the members as often as we can. 

Our ward is supposed to have a talent show this week, were gonna see how well that goes. Anyways i hope this was a little longer, i actually don’t have a planner because the mission office forgot to order more, otherwise i would write in that. 

That’s cool that Josh got to go to Angels Camp to shoot, and yea, that’s about what i got my first tournament. And I’m glad that Momo enjoyed her birthday and is doing well. Oh yea, and i got my package last Tuesday, thanks so much for it, and the shoes fit perfectly.

Love you all so much
Elder Allison

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