Monday, November 7, 2011

August 2011

August 2011

As of today I'm halfway done with the MTC!  I don't think I will miss this place. I have yet to hear anything but the best things about my mission.   We were talking to one of the branch presidency members here who went to Santiago and he said that he could almost count on two hands the times he got rejected at the door. He obviously didn't baptize everyone but he said that almost everyone would invite him in.

If you want an idea of how many members are in santiago, go to and use the find a meetinghouse/google earth thing and checkmark it to show meetinghouses. Its got tons of church buildings in Santiago. As soon as I fill my memory card I'll send it home. Espanol es teniendo mas, lo estaría muy bein. The food here doesn't really change. I'ts almost always the same thing everyweek.

Thanks for all the addresses. Tell Josh and Jake thanks for the letters, and Rise of Nations is fine for Josh to play.  He might wanna buy a new disk though since that one tends to freeze up the computers since its scratched. If he gets a new one make sure its the Rise of Nations with the thrones and patriots expansion combo pack. Its probably like 10 bucks now.

Love you all
Elder Allison

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