Tuesday, March 6, 2012

March 5, 2012

I did get my package today; it was in our office, thanks so much for that. I would have gotten it a lot sooner but the assistants, which are basically the 2 top missionaries in the leadership of the mission, are (mad phrase) would not let me have it earlier this week, even though i was in the office Tuesday. But i got it now. My account's fine, just low, cause i had to buy a couple of things with it.

For my birthday, a good pair of shoes would be nice, see if you can find the brand Ekko, i think that’s how its spelled, but i need size 14. And maybe a bottle or 2 of mountain dew.  Other than that, whatever you wanna send.

My knee, they just gave me pain meds again, even though the doctor said something is wrong with it, i think they don’t wanna have to deal with it.

I hope Roger is doing all right, I’ll be praying for him.

We had changes today, me and my companion are staying together, the rest of the mission got changed pretty big. So this will be my 3rd change in this sector.

It’s cooled down a little bit, but not enough, it’s still a little hot here.

I don’t know what else to say for this week, but i love you all and hope that you all are doing good.
Love yall
Elder Allison

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